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hi there, i'm sarah

I'm a social media manager specialising in working with financial sector companies, here to help you conquer your social media goals.

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I work with many different companies, both big and starting out to help them achieve their social media marketing objectives.

My journey in brand and marketing teams spans a decade, during which I’ve breathed life into countless social media accounts. The financial sector may have its unique intricacies, but I offer a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to elevate your digital presence. With a knack for meticulous planning, creative thinking, and an affinity for deciphering spreadsheets, I ensure your success.

I understand that navigating the social media landscape can be overwhelming. That’s why I prioritise effective communication to build lasting relationships. I am your trusted partner and together, we’ll define your objectives, address concerns, and collaborate seamlessly to achieve the desired outcomes.

Get started by using the resources above and don’t hesitate to get in touch to embark on your social media journey together. 

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